Phostan II

The dispersant properties of Phostan II, in addition to its hydrotropic action and the complexing power of alkaline-earth ions and heavy metals, justify its use in the most diverse phases of the process, from soaking, demiling, pre-tanning, neutralization, retanning or even after final grease. Due to the multifunctional characteristics, in any of the mentioned steps, its application translates into an improvement of the flower’s resistance, favouring the compactness of the fibers and allowing a good distribution of all the tannic agents, dyes and auxiliaries. Due to its anionic character and complexing properties, Phostan II softens the adhesion of vegetable and synthetic tannins, contributing to a smooth and fine flower.

Stand out, its interesting performance as a neutralization aid, through the formation of complexes of polyphosphoric acids canceling out the action of hydrolyzable acids in wet-blue. This particularity of Phostan II guarantees a smooth, deep and uniform neutralization. The greater the diversity of the lots to be treated the more relevant is this action, as a more standardized production will be obtained as a consequence of more homogeneous retanning and dyeing.

Equally noticeable is its application when mineral or synthetic-mineral retanning is used, favouring a better fixation, resulting, in particular, a better filling, specially in the flanks. The quantities to be used should be adjusted for each case, with dosages ranging from 2% to 4%.