Eutha C6

Eutha C6 is an antioxidant action product with the ability to complex metal ions, which acts on the leather substrate reducing hexavalent chromium and preventing its reappearance.

When applied on a leather which has levels of chromium VI of 10 ppm or less and a thickness of not more than 1.2 mm, the dosage of 10 g / ft2 enables the content of hexavalent chromium to be reduced to less than 3 ppm. after aging, according to what is practiced today in the main European laboratories – 80ºC for 24 h.

The efficacy of this product was widely tested, with positive results. The substrates were always analyzed in independent and accredited laboratories, in accordance with the ISO 17075: 2007 – IULTCS / IUC 18: 2007 method.

Product use: Product with inhibitory action of the formation of hexavalent chromium and with elimination capacity of free phenol. Product for the leather finishing.