Providing professional services based in independent approaches, the consulting engineering opens larger scope to find out the right solutions for each problem. The acquired knowledge of great part of industries working with, is the best support to develop or to adapt an option from one to another accurate technical proposal.
Intervening Areas – textile, construction, inks, leather, tanneries, chemistry, etc.


As a consulting company for innovation and sustainable technologies for 20 years, Chemilinks has designed and developed many different projects. ECOTAN Life Project has been one of them, helping the company to reach new products and processes. Now, based on the same natural resource, another project has born, focused in achieving a new eco-friendly trekking boot. Also on the field of biopolymers, Chemilinks is starting projects with great potencial and promoting a profitable circular economy for automative, footwear, clothing industry, and others.

Globulus Green Project

Globulus Green Project

– A new concept to support nature lovers –
To walk or climbing with casual, comfortable and trekking boots is the output of this project. (…)

SilkWorm Tech Project

Biofiber Project

New Biofiber = Organic Matter + Collagene + Dissolving Celulose

Innovative and Sustainable technology


Ecotan Project

Ecotan Life Project

Ecological cellulose biomass treatment and development of new tanning agents. The results with this…