As a consulting company for innovation and sustainable technologies for 20 years, Chemilinks has designed and developed many different projects. ECOTAN Life Project has been one of them, helping the company to reach new products and processes. Now, based on the same natural resource, another project has born, focused in achieving a new eco-friendly trekking boot. Also on the field of biopolymers, Chemilinks is starting projects with great potencial and promoting a profitable circular economy for automative, footwear, clothing industry, and others.

Biofiber Project 

New Biofiber = Organic Matter + Collagene + Dissolving Celulose

Innovative and Sustainable technology

Circular economy enhancing welfare and eco-friendly goods

Reducing solid waste

Biocomposite with a positive EoL

Globulus Green Project

– A new concept to support nature lovers –
To walk or climbing with casual, comfortable and trekking boots is the output of this project. The leather will be processed by biopolymers born in the forest and designed to achieve a new range of products.
The Globulus Green Project will bring a new fashion trend with a fresh and natural fragrance.

Ecotan Life Project 

The results with this project are: a biomass valorisation by the development of products with interest for the tanning industry; a better solution to close the liquor circuit, reducing scaling problems and liquid effluents impact; incorporate carbon in a long life prodcts, reducing carbon dioxide production; an increase in the energy efficiency of the wood pulp production decreasing scaling problems in a recovery equipments with the related social and economical impact, the reduction of products importation to the European Union, the increasing life cycle of chemical compounds and, last but not the least, the creation of employment.